Bitten by neighbour…

I was bitten by another cat. I think he lives in the neighbourhood. We were fighting and he bit me in my ear. My human did not notice it immediately and another day I had infection. I had to go to vet, which I just hate!! I am afraid of going there. But she said I was brave. But now I have to wear cone not to scratch my ear and take antibiotics. In 2 days, we are going for a check-up. Oh, I so hope so I don’t have to wear it anymore

.Me sleeping


Visiting vet

My human took me to the vet today for yearly vaccinations. Nothing serious. But vet said that I am too fat and AT MY AGE (which means that I am old) I need to lose weight, otherwise, I will have problems with heart and diabetes 😦 It scared me and her. More her than me. I just loooove to eat. But I know that she would like to keep me alive as long as possible. But I can’t do anything about it. I am always hungry!
She is stressed now about it.
I need to start some diet…


Going to vet

I went to vet today. It was very stressful, as always. And- as usual, I didn’t suspect anything. I was so happy before and suddenly, she packed me into my transporter which is pink and I am not a girl, and we had to go on a bus.
Btw, here it’s me and Emily the Strange cat- Neechee- my owner likes it, but I think he is strange. Cat with wings??!!


And in a bus it was horrible!! So loud! So many people! But my new vet is very friendly. It turned out that I had to go just for check up and I am healthy 🙂