My human bought my some catnip recently. I got so much fun from it. It got me sooo high. I felt so good 🙂




Few days ago, we went to park. When we were in an overground, people were looking at me, like last time, but one lady asked my owner what’s my name. She told her my name and where my name comes from. Then, the lady said that she works for the magazine and maybe she would write a story about me! That would be sooo coool! She asked more questions about my name and how old I am and where I am from. And she took my owner’s phone number. Fingers crossed to contact her.

That’s me in my bag in a tube


I am sick again. I don’t know why. I feel really bad. I think I am keep eating something that gives me stomaches problems but I don’t know what and I am keep eating this. I don’t want to feel like this. Today it’s really nice weather and I don’t feel like going outside, but sitting in a wardrobe 😦 I need help. But everytime it happens, after one day not eating, I feel fine again. What’s wrong with me???


Old times

That’s how I looked when I met my “owner” She thinks she owns me but the truth is that I own her. She will do everything for me. Anyway, that was the day we met. I was scared and I was crying. But it was so long time ago that now it is just a memory