Oh, I like to look through the window. You can always spot interesting things, like birds. I don’t have opportunity to catch them though the window, but I alway talk to them, so they know that when I am outside, they should be afraid.
People passing by, they always look at me, now, when the window is open, I can go outside, but I prefer not to. It’s too cold. And staying with my head half at home, half outside, I am safer.




New litter

I have new litter. It’s enviromentaly friendly. Now I can poop and it will be good for the environment. Is it how I should understand it? But the litter itself is made from recycled paper. Sounds ecological and OK for the environment and it was cheap, so I can try it. I have nothing to lose.


People’s food

I wonder, why is it that cats like human’s food? I mean, I get a looot food to eat. I am sooo fat, but I am always hungry, but still, I want to eat what human eat. I just have this necessity to steal their food. I cannot stop myself. And their food tastes always so much better, even if it is not good for cats.
Here, it’s me, stealing some food from plate. I’m not proud of it.