Waiting already

It is being cold already and I have nothing to do when she goes to work, so I sit in a window waiting for her to come back…



Daily routines

Generally,I don’t like being groomed, it depends in which areas of my body, but under my chin, I just looove it. Now I am just after grooming, so I am ready to meet some chicks. Where should I go?? She doesn’t even allow me to go outside garden.
Anyway, here’s me while grooming 🙂



My new place

I moved! Finally! My new house is biiig. Very big. And there is a garden, but I am still scared to go there, so I am still staying in my room. I have a sofa and bed, so plenty of space to sleep, I hope I will stay there for a looooong time, like at least a year. I have problems with getting used to changes 😦 I don’t like changes. New people are nice, so I hope there won’t be any problems


New friend

I went to park yesterday and while I was looking around, I saw another cat. She was trying to catch a pigeon. She was sooo beautiful. She reminded me a little bit of my flatmate from Poland – Aronia. Also small and smart. We talked a little. I hope I would see this new pussy again.