Looking for new place

I have to find new place to live with my owner since our current landlandy told us to move out and it’s been over two weeks and we can’t find anything. I’m starting to worry that we may become homeless, but seriously, we don’t have much time. Nobody want to rent a room for person with me- cat. That is just cruel. It means that people don’t like cats!



Few days ago, we went to park. When we were in an overground, people were looking at me, like last time, but one lady asked my owner what’s my name. She told her my name and where my name comes from. Then, the lady said that she works for the magazine and maybe she would write a story about me! That would be sooo coool! She asked more questions about my name and how old I am and where I am from. And she took my owner’s phone number. Fingers crossed to contact her.

That’s me in my bag in a tube

Laid back in a park

Yesterday I went to a park in Notting Hill with my owner as she didn’t want me to stay alone for the whole day in the room. We took a tube and imagine! People were looking at me and saying that I am beautiful! That was amazing! Why didn’t we do it earlier? We have to do it much often! People were stopping us to tell us that I am beautiful. I am sooo proud of myself. I have wasted so many years of my life not hearing this!
It is so nice to hear so many compliments from strangers.

That’s me in a park taking as much sun as possible. It was sooo nice.
People even wanted taking pictures with me and pictures of me. Oh, next time I will think of some advertisement so they could read about this blog 🙂


Being kicked out

My landlady kicked me and my owner out from her home. Well, she told us to leave and now we have to find new place to live as soon as possible. To be honest, we don’t even know how much time we have because she doesn’t talk to us, so there’s no way to find out. And she doesn’t want me to go out or to go around her house any more so when my owner is at work, I sit in her room alone. Terrible. What a stupid old lady!! Chaned her mind about us! Just because I hiss on her cat sometimes. But it’s between us- cats, not people. Well, I hope we could find something better and kick her in the ass!

Home alone

And off she went to work, leaving me with my flatmate- Chino, black cat and his owner. Well, we can play but we still have some problems as my English isn’t as good as his. After all- he is native. But I am hoping for the best, we just need some time.
And I hope that when she comes back, we will play eventually! I know that she has to earn money to buy me stuff, but come on!! Somebody has to play with me.
And I even know what’s next that I want to get.

Thirsty… it’s hot

I used to have a cool water drinking fountain. Then I was drinking a lot of water and it was cool looking. I know that we- cats- should drink a lot of water as it is good for our kidneys and when it is hot, like now, we don’t feel thirst. So having water fountain was good for me, but now I have water at home and in my garden, so I can drink whenever I want to.
I will get new water fountain soon and then I will show it to you.
And remember not to leave your cat in your car when it’s hot. I am lucky because I am outdoor cat 🙂

We often drink water straight from the tap. It is so cold and refreshing