My old life

In Poland, i used to spend a lot of time sleeping on a desk full of office stuff. Now, I just go and ejnoy my time in a garden. But I think both my places are nice. I miss my cat flatmates from Poland.




Having dinner

When I eat, I eat really fast and it’s really difficult to capture it, and nobody can disturb me. I am always afraid that I will not have enough food, that’s why I eat too much!!



Cat Found On Freighter From Philippines To LA

!!! poor cat!!! we are with you

CBS Las Vegas

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A 4-year-old cat that stowed away in a container ship headed from Manila, Philippines, to Los Angeles is gaining weight and getting stronger after the trip without food or water left it near death.

Los Angeles County animal control director Marcia Mayeda says the orange and white female cat was weak and frail after the 7,300-mile trip. But after two weeks of treatments, the feline is in fair condition.

Hospital staff named the cat Pinay (pin-AYE’), a common name for a female Filipino.

The cat has cleared quarantine but needs to be adopted into a calm home because she is still skittish. Potential adopters can email

A year ago, a kitten named Ni Hao (NEE’ how) survived a freighter trip from China and was placed in a home.

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My own and only mine … tent

Look what I have! I have my own tent now. So when it’s so very hot, I can hide there and relax. Isn’t it cool? I love it. Although, I recon, I may not need it now, as today it started raining again and it’s not so warm any more. Keep your fingers crossed for better weather!


Going to vet

I went to vet today. It was very stressful, as always. And- as usual, I didn’t suspect anything. I was so happy before and suddenly, she packed me into my transporter which is pink and I am not a girl, and we had to go on a bus.
Btw, here it’s me and Emily the Strange cat- Neechee- my owner likes it, but I think he is strange. Cat with wings??!!


And in a bus it was horrible!! So loud! So many people! But my new vet is very friendly. It turned out that I had to go just for check up and I am healthy 🙂


Nothing but just bills, bills, bills!! I am overwhelmed! I spend too much money on tuna lately. But it is soo good, that I can’t stop. I think I need to start catching mice instead. It’s cheaper. But it’s been soooo hot lately that I am too lazy to move. I just sit in a garden in a shade. Shame, lol.



I am sick again. I don’t know why. I feel really bad. I think I am keep eating something that gives me stomaches problems but I don’t know what and I am keep eating this. I don’t want to feel like this. Today it’s really nice weather and I don’t feel like going outside, but sitting in a wardrobe 😦 I need help. But everytime it happens, after one day not eating, I feel fine again. What’s wrong with me???